New Video “Numbers” is go!

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DMY…stuck in the hall, again…

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More New Product!

DateMonthYear “numbers” new single is coming….DateMontyYear.png

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First review for Spit Out The Sun is in!

Thanks to the good folks at……

DateMonthYear review

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New DateMonthYear Product!

Finally the new single is ready for commercial release! From the covers project Lost On a Highwire;The songs of Michael Miller, we present our version of Spit Out The Sun. Produced by Mark Tupuhi and Trevor Faville for DateMonthYear. Enjoy!


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DateMonthYear video release.

Film Maker Elysia Koretz shares her thoughts on making the “River” video

‘Usually when I create a film or story, I need to be logistical to an extent in order to keep to the bones of things strong, rather than float and fly about, getting carried away with the possibilities that are so tempting to an attention-challenged artist. With this music video, I was keen to jump on board before I even heard the song, but upon hearing it I was even more excited because of the atmospheric, moody world the centre of the song carried me along in. It’s a story of its own so it was just a matter of getting beauty on screen and a loose narrative to tie it together. 7 minutes is longer than the average song so I decided to go with the flow story-wise and trust my instincts, see where I ended up. Well, go with the flow I did. I had no idea how it was going to end until I was editing. I let the images unravel a story and then continued to shoot and tie it together. It was a lot of fun, no boundaries, full artistic freedom with a piece of art that already had many layers. Artistic freedom is different for everyone I think. For me, the more restrictions I have, the more freedom I have creatively. If I have an open field of space and am told to make something, the possibilities will overwhelm me. So simplicity has become my friend. There are stories buried and dancing and alive in everything. So that’s where my best stuff comes from. As someone who wants to make my living from the realm of moving image, I’ve schooled myself in every facet possible to be able to do it on my own if I have to. That was the case in this instance too, myself and my boyfriend were the only crew and cast. It’s tricky because I’m no camera-operator/cinematographer, I don’t particularly want a job in editing – my skills are limited in the technical sense. But I think I have the ability to tell good stories, so if you can master that, despite technical restrictions, you can create a work. Studying photography this year has refined my eye for the details in the frame so much more. So this is the beginning of what I hope will be a large portfolio of music videos.’

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2016 starts big with Triple Video release

Three new videos to open 2016. The philosophy: allow film makers to go through the DMY back catalogue and pick any tune they like to make a video for. Complete artistic freedom and no editorial input from DMY at all.

The results!

Ghost1 Filmed by Matthew Mason

River Filmed by Elysia Koretz

Haunted Filmed by Kathleen Christian

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